Contaminated feed is known to facilitate the transmission of various pathogens onto the farm (Li et al., 2012). Many have tried higher pelleting temperatures to improve feed hygiene, yet this method is limited in its ability to protect against recontamination.

Amasil™ formic acid is one of the most potent organic acids for killing feed microbial contaminants such as Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridia, and Campylobacter (Strauss and Hayler, 2001; Navarro et al, 2015). Also, feed acidified with formic acid maintains a lower pH longer, decontaminating feed and protecting against pathogen recontamination.

Amasil™ reduces feed pathogen load and keeps it low longer.

Feed Decontamination


The acidic environment of the stomach is the pigs’ first line of defense against feed pathogens, and is also where protein digestion begins. Amasil supports both of these functions.

A meta-analysis review of acidifiers showed that feed acidification with formic acid can improve feed efficiency (gain-to-feed) by 4 percentage points per 1% inclusion in feed. Amasil™ is proven to work well in many diet types and at most production stages.

Improve Feed Conversion, Reduce Illness

Chart for Amasil


Consumer demand for high quality, wholesome food continues to increase, as does their desire for more transparency in knowing how their food is produced. While swine producers continue to work hard to deliver on these needs, there are many opportunities for those willing to employ creative solutions to exceed these ever-increasing expectations. Amasil™ formic acid offers a new and effective way to satisfy your toughest customer. Amasil formic acid can be an important part of your biosecurity plan.